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ZohaaN will no longer be a Team Queso player

POSTED BY TeamQueso 26/08/2019

Team Queso and ZohaaN part ways after being part of the club and living in the Queso Casa for four months.

ZohaaN joined Team Queso on the eve of the World Cup qualifiers and as Naranjito’s team-mate. Both competed together as a duo for five weeks, but they ended up not achieving the goal.

After the World Cup, Epic is not wasting any time and is already creating new formats, and both players and clubs try to adapt to them. The format chosen by the company for this competition is trios, and until now ZohaaN formed a trio with Naranjito, in addition to DiegoGB.

The king of PvP scored lots of eliminations and rushes that few can hope to achieve, just to give an example you can check the video below: In terms of competitive achievements, a top 10 in Europe in the Trios Cash Cup in mid-July stands out.

Team Queso wants to thank ZohaaN for the time dedicated to the club and wishes him good luck in his next adventures.


Thank you!