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ZohaaN, new Team Queso player and Naranjito’s duo

POSTED BY TeamQueso 16/04/2019

Team Queso is proud to introduce our latest addition to the Fortnite squad, we are talking about none other than ZohaaN, who will also be Naranjito’s new duo in the World Cup.


The Fortnite World Cup has started and Team Queso has made a move. ZohaaN becomes the new addition to the team and from now on he will be living in the Gaming House along Naranjito, Clynt, Patata and Prisionero.


ZohaaN will both participate in Team Queso’s daily streams and compete in all competitions and in the World Cup, he has been training with Naranjito for a while, with whom he will play as a duo from now on.


ZohaaN is 21 years old, he is from Madrid, and arrives to Team Queso with ample experience in eSports. His best performances in Fortnite include qualifying for the Share the Love in both Solo and Duo, achieving a final Top 2 in duo. He also qualified for the finals of the Scallywag cup in duo, achieving a meritorious final Top 50.


His mastery of video games is not limited to Fortnite or even Shooters, as ZohaaN competed at a high level in League of Legends, reaching Master tier and being a reserve player for a Superliga Orange team.


Now he is focused on Fortnite and is ready to tackle this new challenge with great enthusiasm: ‘I am very proud of being in a team like Team Queso and having these awesome team mates. Naranjito? He is a beast’. You can best know ZohaaN if you follow him on Twitter:


Thus, Clynt and Naranjito, together since they joined Team Queso, will no longer be a competitive duo. Both are looking for alternatives as they were unable to achieve their goals competing together as a duo. Clynt will play the duo qualifier this weekend alongside Urii ツ (, well known player inside the community who recently came 2nd in Europe at the Share the Love duos event.


The club already has a player qualified for the World Cup, we are talking about Prisonero, who qualified last Sunday as Europe’s second in solos, but he will soon be joined by the others.


For now, ZohaaN and his new teammates will have their first chance this weekend in the first duo qualifier for the World Cup, side by side with Naranjito. You will be able to watch him live on Team Queso’s stream: