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Xaio resigns from his position

POSTED BY TeamQueso 26/06/2020

The former League of Legends coach of Team Queso handed in his resignation last Thursday night after the SLO game against Movistar Riders


Álvaro ‘Xaio’ Hernández will no longer be part of Team Queso after tendering his resignation from the League of Legends team. Xaio is leaving the club due to personal reasons that prevented him from carrying out his duties the way he would want. In addition, the results of the season have not been good so far, and he decided that the best course of action was for him to resign.


Team Queso is very grateful to Xaio for his work since he joined the club the previous SLO, and to date. His work has been instrumental in laying the foundation for the club’s League of Legends division and steering the project in the right direction. 


We wish Xaio the best of luck in the future, both personally and professionally, and are already looking for a replacement.


Thank you, Xaio!