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The Spanish eSports club replaces the grocery store with this home-cooked food service that will optimise the day-to-day life of their Gaming House.

Wetaca is the on-line service that is revolutionising the home-cooking market. Each week they offer 36 different dishes, cooked from scratch, in a traditional way and without additives or preservatives. They ship throughout the peninsula so that their customers can enjoy a delicious meal in less than 5 minutes and plan the rest of the week’s meals.

Team Queso has a Gaming House, better known as La Quesocasa, where the League of Legends and Fortnite teams have been living permanently since last September. Until now, they had to buy food at the grocery store, cook it at home and everybody had to eat the same thing, but as the number of residents has increased, the task has inevitably become more complicated, especially considering that everyone likes coffee in a different way. 

From now on the meals will be delivered by Wetaca, and all the residents of the house will create a profile in the application and will choose the different dishes to be delivered from Monday to Friday. This will optimise both time and resources so far devoted to shopping and cooking at the Gaming House and allow the players to choose what to eat and dine every day according to their preferences. Once a week they will receive their choice of dishes and will try to avoid eating each other’s chips, or at least ask before doing so. 

Alimorol, co-founder and COO of Team Queso highlights the advantages of having this service: “We are very happy to have this opportunity that will improve the day-to-day life at the Gaming House, allowing them to choose what to eat according to their preferences and needs. All this has been possible thanks to Wetaca, a company with which we share values and philosophy”.

Wetaca thus becomes an official supplier of Team Queso for the next months, the club wishes to thank Wetaca for the trust they have placed in both the project and eSports.