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We’re ready for HayDay

POSTED BY Juanjo DoubLeJMT 01/04/2018

We’re ready for HayDay

Today Team Queso is taking a new step forward in its growth. Since February 2017, when we started with two divisions, Vainglory and Clash Royale, we have had the opportunity to include two new titles, Arena of Valor and Hearthstone. We’ve always done things by putting one foot in front of the other, without being too hasty and always making sure when adding new divisions that the games are promising from a competitive perspective.

Well, today it’s time to go one step further and get into HayDay’s competitive scene to have a squad that can excel at being the fastest farmers in the world.

To do so, we will have one of the best HayDay players on the national scene, and we hope that he will achieve many successes: WithZack. ‘For many years, the first thing I do in the morning has been to collect my eggs’, says the famous HayDay player and YouTuber. We certainly have a lot of talent for farming in Spain, something that was already a trend at the beginning of the century when the Farmville boom began. Ever since then I have been training hard and I would like to thank the staff of Team Queso for trusting me to lead this division.

‘We couldn’t have made this decision without WithZack in our ranks. As soon as we saw him playing CR, we knew we had to count on him for HayDay, as we thought to ourselves: If he’s so good at planting huts, for sure he will grow tomatoes better than anyone else. As a former HayDay player, I know how to recognise talent and as soon as I saw him, I knew that we were taking a risk but we had to do it,’ says Alimorol, COO of Team Queso.

We hope to be able to participate in the recently announced HayDay world finals, which will be held in Burkina Faso in June this year, and which will consist of a prize valued at more than $500,000 in planks and screw that allow you to expand the barn and the warehouse. Keep your eyes on our social media if you want to keep up to date with the progress of our farms!



  • Si yo quiero entrar que es lo que debo de hacer, soy nivel 90 por si les interesa y trabajo mucho en mi vecindario pero no tengo ayudantes y por eso me interesa

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