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We’re going to Italy!

A spectacular comeback and an unrivalled Soking give us a ticket to the QLASH League finals in Italy

Last Wednesday we faced ASUS ROG Army for a place in the QLASH League face-to-face finals held in Treviso (Italy) on the 5th of May, where we will face Team Liquid’s team.

The journey to reach this grand final has not been easy, we started losing the first round; paradoxically, against the ASUS ROG Army team which forced us to fight to be in those finals through the ‘Losers Bracket’.

We had to beat teams like Pekkeame Estaaaa, Team QLASH, KIYF and, finally, ASUS ROG Army once again in a fantastic match where we had to do a comeback after losing the first set.

Thanks to a spectacular Soking who made one of the best competitive performances ever seen, completely setting the pace of the match with a 12-3 favourable score, we got a ticket to the grand final of the QLASH League against Team Liquid.

After this match, the player from Cádiz is placed as the second player with the best win-rate of the competition with a 29-10 score (wins / losses), proving to be one of the best players in the world.

The final will take place this Saturday, on the 5th of May, at the ‘QLASH House’ in Treviso (Italy) at 18:00PM. The players who will accompany us on our trip to Italy are:

During the grand final you will be able to support the team on your social media using the hashtag #TQItaly, we will also do a raffle in the next few hours to celebrate our qualifying and the great performance of Soking in this match.

We look forward to your support!