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POSTED BY Juanjo DoubLeJMT 21/06/2018


Team Queso was created with great hopes, lots of enthusiasm and little experience in eSports. A year later, we have established ourselves as the leading team in mobile devices and proved that we are here to stay

This sponsorship agreement with Telepizza is a further step in our journey, and will begin on a key date for us: the Summer Gamergy.

We are honoured to announce this three-year strategic agreement with Telepizza, a leading multinational pizza home-delivery company, which is the largest non-U.S. pizza company with a presence in 23 countries and more than 1,600 stores worldwide.

Telepizza is a company with which we share values and goals and we are therefore convinced that this agreement will lead to great success. In words of our COO and founder, Alicia “Alimorol” Morote:

[pullquote]We, Team Queso, are honoured to be able to work with such a great company as Telepizza. There are many synergies between Telepizza and Team Queso and we want to connect with our audience through them. This strategic agreement is a quality leap for Team Queso and we are looking forward to starting work.[/pullquote]

Starting tomorrow, we will be waiting for you at our Gamergy stand where we will have lots of activities for all of you and where you will be able get a welcome gift from Telepizza: We’re giving away hundreds of medium pizzas! Stay tuned to our social networks to find out how to get them!

Welcome to the #TelepizzaTeamQueso era.