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The eSports industry is growing by leaps and bounds; platforms, teams, players, coaching staff… Having people specialised in the technical aspects of a game is nowadays essential for a team that seeks professional results.

As you may already know, our teams have coaches who help our players to reach the highest level when it comes to take part in the many important competitions throughout the year, you might also know that the coaching staff of a team is not only made up of coaches but also analysts.

Do we, Team Queso, have analysts amongst our ranks?

Today we will be introducing those people who are part of the club but operate behind the scenes despite being a fundamental piece of our Clash Royale team.

  • Ignasi ‘Nachocr’ Abad Platas (analyst): Nachocr is 17 years old and hails from Barcelona, he started playing Clash Royale as soon as the game entered the beta stage. He became interested in the competitive scene as a result of the creation of Team Queso and started working with us on the weekend of the Barcelona Games World.
  • Álvaro González López (analyst): 23 years old and from Córdoba, he started playing Clash Royale when it was officially released in the Play Store. As a competitive player, he was part of the Cordoban Team in August and later he would be joining eStorm as an analyst until becoming part of Team Queso at the same time as ‘Nachocr’.
  • Pablo Gandoy Garcés (analyst): last member of the team of analysts of Team Queso, 18 years old and born in Madrid, he has been an analyst for half a year and part of different teams such as LPN eSports, Utopía or Arena Quesito. He was the first analyst to join our club.

They all agree that they are in Team Queso to win all both national and international tournaments in which the team is competing, starting first with the Gamergy, which is just around the corner.

We work day and night so as not to give our rivals hope’ – Álvaro González López.

You can follow our analysts on their social networks:

Twitter Nachocr
Twitter Álvaro
Twitter Pablo

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