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We introduce our new Hearthstone Team!!

Today we are pleased to announce our introduction into Hearthstone. As many of you already know, Hearthstone is a fast-paced strategy card game developed by Blizzard, a well-known company in the industry with titles such as Overwatch or Starcraft II.

Hearthstone has a strong competitive eSports community and is also available on mobile devices, thus, we won´t lose our essence; that is: ‘Home Of Mobile Games’. We will be doing so with the help of Mario ‘Mariodela’ Martín, a well-known player in the scene, having placed first in tournaments like the Final Cup 4 in the Gamergy or Gamepolis.

Team Queso didn’t want to miss the opportunity of getting into one of the most relevant eSports games and we are looking forward to continuing receiving your support. Last but not least, you can also follow our player on his social media.

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