Yesterday, Team Queso was proclaimed the intercontinental champion of the 1º edition of the Liga Leyenda after defeating Giants Gaming 5-1 in the final. The score, however, does not reflect how evenly matched the games were, as they ended up being decided by small details. In the end, we emerged victorious after playing one of the most anticipated games by the Clash Royale community.

The Liga Leyenda is the biggest Spanish/Hispanic Clash Royale competition where some of the best Hispanic/Spanish teams such as Muklash eSports, Giants Gaming, Mega Royale Argento, Perú Royale, Team Heretics, Team Queso and an extensive list of top teams participate.
The competition is structured following a league format with different divisions for each of the regions (Spain and Spanish America), where the teams with the best classification advance to the playoffs that lead to the final.

Team Queso achieved the first place in the hard and intense group stage of the Spanish 1st Division. During the group stage, we had to play 14 matches, of which we managed to win 10, draw 2 and only lost 2. As a result, we advanced to the playoffs as the leading group.
In the quarter-finals we had to play against Team Star. The Uruguayan team had earned their place in these quarter-finals after being third in the group stage of the Spanish American Division. The preliminary round was theoretically in favour of Team Queso, although the games were very close until the end. Even though our players scored a 4-0 in our favour that pretty much guaranteed our pass to the semi-finals, Daisuke managed to defeat Surgical Goblin twice in the last game, leaving the final score in 4-2 and embellishing the result a bit. However, the heat was already decided.
The rival team that awaited us in the semifinals was Rooster Squad, undoubtedly the biggest revelation of this 1st edition of the Liga Leyenda. The roosters managed to get into these playoffs thanks to their victory in the Copa ESP that guaranteed their spot in the tournament and after having defeated Esportnatos quite easily on their way. Team Queso started the semifinals against the ropes, with a negative 2-0 score. However, Surgical Goblin arrived to the rescue and led the comeback, followed by Revolution, thus evening the semifinal. In the decisive match, it was Soking’s turn to play against Staze. The roosters were 1-0 ahead and only needed one more victory to advance to the final. Both players used the same decks but it was Soking’s turn to shine. He managed to win this time with a better rotation and taking advantage of the counter during the last match, thus securing Team Queso’s pass to the final. An intense semifinal, no doubt.

Team Queso against Giants Gaming was the most awaited final. The giants were confident after their fantastic performance on the other side of the table, obliterating Mega Royale Argento and Peru Royale in the semifinals, the two most powerful Hispanic teams.
The final was marked by how evenly matched all the games were, always being forced to play the third match of these Best-of-three rounds. Regarding the choice of decks, our players hit the nail on the head, banning cards such as the Elixir Collector or Heal to remove the most dangerous decks. With this successful strategy, Team Queso played with Graveyard, Logbait and Hog Rider cycling decks.
Revolution, Coltonw83 and Rayio managed to put a favourable 3-0 on the scoreboard, leaving the title in Soking’s hands. However, Rayo, the Mexican player of Giants Gaming was not going to make things easy for Soking and closed the distance between both teams, stating that his team would not stop fighting until the last second. The giants risked everything during the last match. They had to win the 5th match, which is worth twice in this format of the competition, to force the tiebreaker.
What awaited us in the 5th game? Nothing less than a Surgical Goblin against Zteemper match. Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games by the Clash Royale competitive scene, it was the best match at the right time. The game did not disappoint and was, unsurprisingly, incredibly evenly matched until the last second. It is also worth highlight that both players delivered a staggering performance. Once again, the strategy and the deck choice decided the game and Surgical Goblin was able to score the final 5-1 that gave the championship to Team Queso.
This 1st edition of the Liga Leyenda has undoubtedly been one of the most exciting competitions for us, we are confident that the fans think likewise. We just want to congratulate the organisation of the Liga Leyenda, all teams that took part in the competition and hope for a 2nd edition that will improve the Hispanic competitive scene even further beyond.