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During the past November we officially announced our entrance into Arena of Valor with two teams thanks to Hector ‘Navalha’ Parra and a staff full of enthusiasm for the project.

After a few months in which we have been very close to complete our Arena of Valor team, we are confident that nowadays Team Queso has one of the best teams both at a national and international level. All this thanks to the joint efforts of players, staff and coaching staff who have been present in ESL, ArenaGG and minor league competitions with very good results.

There are many of you who ask us on a daily basis how to join the guild we have created or Team Queso’s own team, today we bring you the answer you are waiting for. One of the aims that we have as an organisation is to continue creating a solid community in each of the games in which we have representation, first in Clash Royale, later in Vainglory and now we want to do the same in Arena of Valor.

Your chance to fight alongside Team Queso has arrived!

As we have said before, we have created a guild in Arena of Valor to group together both professional players and skilled casual players, this helps us to climb up position in the ranking of guilds and to observe which players are standing out and may end up joining our professional team in the future.

Well, we’ve expanded the number of possible members in Team Queso’s guild to 150 and we’re looking for promising young players of Tencent’s title… if you want to join this guild and have the opportunity to be part of Team Queso, now it’s your chance!

The only thing you have to do to be admitted is to have a rank equal to or higher than Diamond, this will allow you or your friends to always be able to play with high-ranking players and continue to improve in the game.

Although during the first week of the new season we will also admit players with a rank equal to or greater than Platinum.

Our Arena of Valor team will use this guild to better train and prepare their matches in leagues or tournaments, and most importantly: when looking for new members for the team we keep an eye on Team Queso’s guild to detect players that show great promise.

The goal is to be amongst the Top 10 guilds with 150 members.

Finally, remember that Arena Quesito also has a guild in-game that you can join if you have a rank equal to or higher than Platinum so you can keep improving as player.

By the way, people like Alvaro845, WithZack or Termisfa (Team Queso’s Clash Royale coach) are also members of the main guild of the team.

We will be waiting for you in the Arena!