Two weeks before the end of the G2G eSports regular League and the beginning of the first VGL Summer Season Split, we have decided to expand our roster by signing up one of the best carries in Spain, FoskiES, formerly known as Iamfreelo or Foskito.

FoskiES has a long history in the Vainglory competitive scene. He played in teams such as R3X and THN Envy who have taken part in various national and international competitions. As a result, our 5-player roster allowed in the VGL, our main competition at the present time, is now completed.

We hope that the addition of this new versatile player will bring a breath of fresh air and bolster us by adding a new set of skills and playstyles to our team. This will allow us to improve as a team and adapt to the needs of each game depending on what is needed, and thus be able to achieve our current objective that is none other than to qualify for the VGL Battles.

Welcome to the family!