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Team Queso took the three points in the second match of the Clash Royale League after beating Fnatic 2-0

The second CRL match for Team Queso was on the go, a new challenge in the eyes of the whole Clash Royale community. After overcoming the pressure of the first match with a great victory over Misfits last Tuesday, our players were ready to face the second match with great aplomb and concentration. Soking and Saint Belikin started in the 2v2 and, once again, proved to be one step ahead.

They dominated the first game from start to finish, dealing damage little by little and defending themselves from every opponent’s attack to perfection, LemonTea’s and Asuchini’s Balloons did not even come close to the tower. The Miner finished the job about 3 minutes into the game, first game for Team Queso.

Before it was the Miner, now it would be the Balloon the one that did the job and two minutes into the second game Soking and Belikin had already destroyed a tower. They just defended and LemonTea and Asuchini could not do anything, first set for Team Queso in the blink of an eye.

Cuchii Cuu played the second set and won the first game by the skin of his teeth, defending himself against a final Graveyard from his opponent Dion and managing to knock down the rival’s tower after a counter-attack with a P.E.K.K.A. joined by a Bandit and a Battle Ram.

The second game was a bit odd since Cuchii destroyed a tower at the beginning of the game with a Graveyard and left the other one with a mere 1000 hitpoints. Thinking that he had already won the game, he used too many troops to finish it and put himself at a disadvantage elixir wise, he ended up losing a tower as a result. He had to come back from a disadvantageous position and was finally able to finish off his opponent after making the most of his earlier advantage.

Once again 2-0, set and victory for Team Queso in the second match of the CRL against Fnatic. Great job from Termisfa and Mad Raider, and of course Beniju and Anthony who didn’t line up today. Six points out of six and the next opponent will be G2 on Saturday, the 1st of September. Thank you so much for your support!