VG8, there we go!

VG8, there we go!

VG8, there we go! After an intense VGL in which the competitiveness between the first seeds and how evenly matched they were stood out (just take a look at the seed 1, Fluffy Chickens, unexpectedly eliminated and missing out on the Battles). We were able to overcome brilliantly all the rounds until reaching the final of the winners bracket, where we beat Raging Donuts 2-1, securing at least the second place in the tournament. We just had to overcome one more obstacle to reach the first place; facing off against the champion of the losers bracket. Norm Pacani surprised everyone and, after beating XYZ and even Raging Donuts, they also beat Team Queso in a Bo5 final. Our only bad qualifying round in the whole tournament that dooms us to a second position in which we will have to fight a little more than the others to achieve the goal.


A goal that had two steps as a requirement, or even two strides you could say. The first, being at least third in the VGL, is already done. Now the one that remains is getting one of the two positions in the VG8 that will be at stake in the Challenger Battles where five teams will be competing: Norm Pacani, Team Queso and Raging Donuts, all three ordered by their place in the VGL, and the two worst teams of the VG8, Qlash and Calamity (seventh and eighth respectively). These five teams will fight from the 16th to the 19th of November to determine whether they will earn or keep their spot in the Vainglory8, the most important official Super Evil Mega Corp competition in Europe, in which the 8 best teams from our continent, like SK Gaming, G2, Mouseports, Fnatic, etc. participate.

How is the road ahead of us?

We will start the fight on Thursday the 16th, facing off against the third team in the VGL, Raging Donuts. If we manage to win, we will go to the semi-finals of the winners bracket, where Qlash await us. The other semi-final will be played between Norm Pacani and Calamity. The winner of each semi-final will qualify for the Bo5 grand final, where the winner will earn their spot in the VG8. Meanwhile, the teams that lose will go to the losers bracket, where they can continue advancing until they reach the losers final. The winner of this other final will also get their spot in the VG8, thus definitively ending the 2017 competitive season.

Beyond the Challenger Battles

The competitive season officially ends on the 19th of November, but there is still more Vainglory left until the end of the year. You will be able to watch Team Queso at the end of the month in the Vainglory Pro Series tournament, a competition to which we have been invited alongside G2 (European champions), SK Gaming (European runners-up) and Qlash (VG8 team). In addition, the Vainglory Worlds in Singapore will take place from the 15th to 17th of December, a competition that will bring together the 12 best teams in the world, and in which the long-awaited 5v5 mode will be officially introduced! The only qualified team in Europe is G2, so we will have to support them to show the world the European potential for Vainglory, let’s go get them!


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