As we mentioned before, one of our teams is going to be dedicated to Vainglory. Although it isn’t as popular as some other titles, Vainglory is a completely established and it has been pioneering the mobile gaming e-sports scene. It is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) 3v3 with a single jungle and lane. It already has a competitive system with substantial prizes and huge live finals worldwide, where we expect to get a place during 2017.

Our players are passionate and skilled, all of them being Tier 10 or Vainglorious. They haven’t played together before, but we know that their synergies will go far away from expectatives and people will love them because of their great play, communication and good vibes between them.


PRZ does not need a presentation. He has been playing Vainglory since Season Zero, he was the first and for the moment the only Spanish participating in live finals. Member of well-known teams as Umbra, where he won two editions of the G2G League, Lemon&Lime, TheNightWatch, a team that had players as popular as Kylobayd, Aidslip o MrKCool, and Rising Lotus, where together with KeanuNakoa and Harimauu they qualified for the Evil8 in the Summer Season. Currently advanced Vainglorious Silver, he comes back to the competitive scene to be the captain and shotcaller of Team Queso.


Certainly one of the most talented players in Europe, despite not having participated in the Vainglory competitive scene, he is well-known by the best players of the server, as L3oN, PTLam, Loere, AeON, Emirking, Waldemar… Currently advanced Vainglorious Silver, he arrives to Team Queso to be the jungler, although his talents allows him to adapt perfectly to the carry role. His ability in mastering heroes and his versatility make him the reference of the Team.


One of the most talented and experienced Spanish players, that arrives to Team Queso to take care of the lane. Currently Vainglorious Silver, he has achieved success in the competitive system together with PRZ, teammate in Umbra and TheNightWatch, and they have a great sinergy that improves the Team developement. Its versatility between carry and jungler make him a marterpiece of the Team. His knowledge of the characters provides him a wide champion pool that will surprise its enemies from the draft.


Silver started his Vainglory career as a carry, but he evolved his played until becoming one of the best roamers in Spain, with a remarkable game reading, a wide knowledge of the game and its tactics and an innate ability to use activable items in the right moment. Its creativity and domain of draft lead him to success with out-of-the-meta compositions but ideales for a specific match, obtaining this way a substantial advantage. He has been a member of well-known Spanish competitive teams as Bears Comeback or Zero eSport, and he has arrived to Team Queso to enter again the competitive scene stronger than ever.