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Urii joins Prisi0n3r0 and Patata to compete in the upcoming Fortnite Trios tournament

POSTED BY TeamQueso 15/08/2019

Urii joins Prisi0n3r0 and Patata to compete in the upcoming Fortnite Trios tournament

Team Queso signs Urii to join the team’s Fortnite division just before the beginning of the Fortnite Champion Series.

Epic has announced this competition similar to the World Cup with the particularity that it includes a league system, and will also be played in trios, so Team Queso has sought to bolster its Fortnite division by signing Urii.

Urii, 16 years old and hailing from Barcelona, has been playing Fortnite since its launch and has already proven to be an extremely skilled player on several occasions. We saw him in action during the World Cup qualifier streams, where he competed with Clynt in Duos and rose to the occasion.

He is a talented player who describes his experience with Clynt as the most enriching he has had in relation to the game so far, he is willing to work and has room to grow and youth on his side. ‘Prisio and Patata are great players, I can’t wait to start playing and I think we will do well’.

Team Queso thus presents the trio that will seek to compete in the FCS and, of course, to win. Clynt, the coach, sees great potential in Urii and Patata welcomes him with open arms: “It is a great personal satisfaction that Uri has come. I believe he can be one of the best in the world and he is a great guy.”

His teammates can’t wait to start and are looking forward to the exciting future: ‘I’m really looking forward to Uri’s arrival, I know he’s going to contribute a lot to our squad’s performance, as well as in terms of teamwork and coexistence’, says Patata.

This Saturday is the first competitive event for Urii and his teammates and you will be able to watch it live on Team Queso’s Twitch channel:

Welcome and good luck!