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The truth is that I’m not quite sure how to start this letter. Today is a sad day in the history of Team Queso, which although still short, luckily is getting longer and longer.

Today in Team Queso we say goodbye to the Vainglory division, a section with which everything began and without which the eSports scene would be lacking one organisation at this moment. Thanks to the franchise programme promoted by Super Evil Mega Corp, Álvaro and Alicia decided to create a project that would end up becoming the Team Queso that you all now know.

Today we can confidently state that we are on the same footing as organisations like G2, Fnatic, TSM, Cloud9, Sk Gaming, Misfits, etc. But at that time, they were like giants to us, we didn’t even have our logo finished. That’s why we will always be grateful to SEMC, for trusting us and accepting us in a list with names of such greatness and tradition within the eSports scene, and to you, those of you who are reading this letter, you made it so that the only franchised organisation that didn’t play a single minute in the Vainglory 8 had, by far, the most support during the 2017 season.


Just by watching a VGL live you could see how the viewers literally doubled when Team Queso was playing, sometimes even almost reaching the numbers that the VG8 days brought. The chats were filled with ‘StinkyCheese’ and the casters were going crazy with the Team Fights of our players.

Each VGL brought us closer to our goal, and the people saying: ‘you will never enter VG8 with that team’ turned to say ‘TQ has potential to reach VG8’. In summer we were only one Team Fight away from taking the place of none other than G2, a team that only 3 months later became European champion and claimed its spot in the Worlds.

Our victories took us to Los Angeles in September 2017, where we became the second European team in the history of Vainglory’s competitive scene to beat an NA team, with Kcool’s triple kill in a 2 v 3 that unleashed madness in the stage. There was no better way to finish our participation, and no matter how many times I see the play repeated, I still keep saying to myself the ‘what are you doing, Darkghost?’ that Humanist blurted. Undoubtedly one of the most epic plays I have ever seen in Vainglory’s competitive scene.

After that we were ready to finally tackle the Challenger Battles. And we didn’t get off to a good start; we lost the final of the VGL, so we qualified as second, thus being doomed to have to play a previous round and then face Qlash. To the surprise of many, we passed the first round and beat Qlash 2-0. All of a sudden, we were the favourites to win the Challenger Battles and be promoted, and so we did (with more blood, sweat and tears than expected), making us the first Spanish organisation to achieve such a milestone.


Unfortunately, in 2018 SEMC decided to take a complete turn in the opposite direction regarding Vainglory’s competitive scene, which led to the departure of most organisations. We didn’t want to disappear just like that, but sadly, you can’t keep a competitive team if there’s no competition.

I would like to personally thank all those who shared our dream and were part of it. Starting with PRZ, who silently and with hard work reached his full potential and positioned himself as one of the best supports in Europe. DarkGhost, who went from being, in the eyes of the community, ‘not so good’ to ‘he is, by far, the best Spanish player’. He always deserved such an honour in the eyes of the staff of Team Queso. Silver and Shadox. How easy it is to badmouth without knowing everything they contributed to the project. And closing the 2017 chapter with the incorporations of Foski and MrKcool. With the first one we reigned in Spain and with the second one in Europe.

This year I am very proud to have had the opportunity to work with players such as Hegman, Tyruzz, Palmatoro, TetnoJJ and Hundor, as well as a coach like Bayu. I can safely say that Tyruzz is one of the most humble, hard-working and grateful people I have met in my entire Vainglory career, and Hundor is undoubtedly the most talented. Everyone will remember the record of 22 kills in a game of VPL. It is also worth mentioning, even though he has never officially belonged to Team Queso, Kvalafar. Thank you for all your help, buddy!

To finish, I would also like to thank Álvaro and Alicia for the trust they have always placed in me to lead a project like this. There is nothing in writing on eSports, and each one goes their own way. There will be failures and successes, but I believe that the balance is always positive.

And finally, I cannot finish this letter without highlighting the unconditional support of the other divisions of Team Queso. You may not see it, but we are a family, and no one misses a single game of any of our team-mates. I hope this will just be the end of a chapter in Team Queso’s history with Vainglory and not the conclusion. See you in the Fold!