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Despite the fact that we were not one of the favourite teams to qualify and not even in their wildest dreams did they think that we could do it, however, our team gave their all and we managed to qualify for the Valorant First Strike Play-In, this competition is currently the most important in Europe and is played at the highest level.
We were very determined to achieve our goals and, after performing so well during the tournament, we managed to do so. Our matches were extremely tough, as we are still figuring out team strategies since our 5th player ‘Zorrele’ is provisional at the moment.

On the first day our players managed to win the first match against ‘UNICO’ 13-7 and the second match against ‘Entropiqteam’ 13-11. The second day was decisive, we had to win the two remaining matches to qualify and so we did after defeating ‘G. Gang’ and ‘Team Toxic’. During both matches, our players did a fantastic job, ‘b0rja’ (with 7 first bloods), ‘raider’ (with 28 kills), ‘goked’ (with 3 defuses) and ‘sek1g’ (who planted 4 bombs in both matches).

On Friday the 13th we will be competing in the Play-In, it is still not clear who we will play against. It will have a ‘bo3’ format in which there are 16 teams and 8 of them qualify for the next tournament. Out of those 8 teams, 4 of them will qualify for the main tournament. We will give our all to ensure that we remain in the tournament.


On the other hand, in Counter-Strike, we were one round away from achieving our goal, qualifying for the ESEA Advanced. We played against Kyiv, a Ukrainian team that came very prepared for the match.

The first map was theirs to pick, Dust II, a map that seemed favourable for us, we started from the CT side and things appeared bleak for us after losing most of the rounds (3-12). However, our team managed to recover and, after forcing the Overtime, our team emerged victorious 19-16.

We got to pick the second map and we chose Vertigo. Unfortunately, things didn’t go our way and they won 16-9 so we would have to play a decider, we won their pick and they ours.
Finally, in Train, our team gave their all, but it was not enough, we lost 16-12 and we did not achieve our goal, but we still have a chance since we can qualify through the Lower Bracket.