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Team Queso’s Arena of Valor team has qualified for the Valor Series world finals in Brazil

We keep getting good news from our Arena of Valor players. After eight weeks of hard competition during which we have had some ups and downs, Navalha, Samcro and company have secured their spot in the world finals, which will be held on the 9th and 10th of November in São Paulo, Brazil.

The best teams in the world will compete against each other and after two days only one will remain, the champion. The regions of North America, Latin America and Europe will each provide four teams and all of them will compete to win the Valor Series.

The qualifier started in a superb way with a 2-0 victory over X6tence, the players asserted their dominance in the first round and thus maintained a great streak of results. Let’s not forget that they were in fantastic shape after their recent conquest of the CTP and a great qualifier for this Value Series, which uses a Bo2 format.

After the first victory, important when considering tie-breaks, Nova eSports spoiled our streak and won both maps without giving us many chances.

From then on, our team had a few hiccups and struggled in the following matches. We had a tragic weekend when we unexpectedly suffered a defeat against The Alliance and then we proceeded to lose 0-2 against Bubble Team, four maps lost in two days.

The response to this type of situation is always similar, and this team is well aware of it. Working hard together from the bottom up and never giving up. The next match against Dead Rabbits was extremely important and the willingness of our players was very clear, but something was still amiss. The result was a 1-1, but then it came to light that the rival team had used an inappropriate line-up, so it was decided that Team Queso would win the match 2-0. A well-received stroke of luck.

Little by little our players kept improving but the truth is that as of late they have not been able to play as good as they used to. In the end, the latest victories over Alliance and Dead Rabbits have lightened some of the accumulated pressure and secured their spot in the finals.

Ruiz, Ibustos, Javix, Barberá and TheNoob will be in Brazil among the best, where they deserve, and have saved all their magic by then.