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Today we say goodbye to a legend, farewell Surgical.

After almost a year by our side, today is the time to say goodbye to the ‘Final Boss’.

Following the recent interest of Team Liquid in our player, Surgical Goblin, our organisation and Team Liquid have reached an agreement for the transfer of the Dutch player. From now on, Surgical will no longer be playing for Team Queso and will start representing his new team in all Clash Royale competitions.

Today we say goodbye to Frank ‘Surgical Goblin’ Oskam, a Dutch player who at the age of 18 has given us a lot of joy throughout the almost one year he has been part of Team Queso. Surgical Goblin leaves behind him a track record that very few competitive Clash Royale players can equal:

  • First place in the ESWC Gamescom 2017
  • First place in the Gamepolis 2017
  • First place in the Clash Royale ESWC II
  • First place in the MSC Spring ClanWars 2017
  • Champion of the RPL Europa (Season II)
  • Champion of the LCR 2017
  • Champion of the Liga Leyenda 2017
  • Champion of the ESWC ClanWars 2018
  • Winner of the CCGS Europa (Spring Season 2017)
  • Winner of the Gamergy Masters #2

Team Liquid is a multi-squad eSports organisation known internationally for its achievements in games such as League of Legends, Counter Strike or Starcraft. Based in North America and Amsterdam, they have managed in just eight years since their foundation to position themselves as one of the most influential sports entities on the international scene.

We, Team Queso, wish Surgical the best of luck in his future endeavours, your home will always be here.

Thanks for everything!


  • Thanks alot for the kind goodbye! I wish Team Queso alot of luck in the coming years. I will always be a big fan of Queso!

    • It was our pleasure have Frank with us for over a year. Great achievements together and still more to come (but now on separate paths).
      Thank you very much for all the support 🙂
      – Alvaro845

  • And why he leave TQ?

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