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Thrilling round of fixtures of the Brawl Stars QuesoCup!

POSTED BY TeamQueso 07/03/2019

We’ve already had two rounds of fixtures of the Brawl Stars QuesoCup and the teams are starting to showcase their strengths in the tournament organised by Team Queso.


Last Saturday, we experienced the second round of fixtures of the Brawl Stars QuesoCup and all the matches had many highlights. Not only that, but they are also helping us picture how Brawl Stars works in a competitive environment.


Tribe Gaming, Nova and Team Consty are the three teams that have won both matches so far, while Brawl con Queso, Qlash or Mad Lions have yet to score.


In-between, those who have won one match and lost another, i.e., Cream, Dream Team, Arena Quesito and x6tence. The ranking after the second round of fixtures looks as follows and we predict quite a few changes as the teams get better and figure out the opponent’s strategies:

The third round of fixtures of the QuesoCup is here and you can’t miss it. For starters, we’ll have the first Brawl Stars cheesecide. Brawl con Queso and Arena Quesito will face each other, and two of the teams that have yet to lose, Nova and Dream Team, will also compete against each other.


Kius, Team Queso’s Brawl Stars manager and main organiser of the tournament, is more than satisfied at the moment with what we are seeing: “Brawl Stars’ competitive environment growing quickly, all matches were exciting and unpredictable! Coaches and analysts are going to have nightmares and this has just begun.”

You can follow the whole tournament on on Saturday from 6pm. What’s your prediction?