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The Arena of Valor division keeps undergoing changes and the latest has been very painful for both parties: TheNoob will no longer be part Team Queso.


Antonio David Tienda Román, aka TheNoob, is one of those people who leave their mark wherever they go. A guy with clear ideas and always ready to give his all, a player who has been working every single day to improve and become the best support in Spain.


It all started in Arena Quesito, when the Arena of Valor team was created. Apparently surrounded by many more skilful than he was, TheNoob gradually improved and ended up surpassing them all. Thanks to his efforts, hard work and dedication he became the best support in Spain.


His team-mates saw TheNoob’s potential and not only that but also his commitment did motivate them to work even harder. In the words of Ibustos, IGL of the team: ‘If we’re talking about self-improvement, TheNoob is on top. It’s crazy how much he’s improved. And I admire that about him.’


The club deemed necessary to expand the squad and incorporate two new players seeking to win this Valor Series, and while TheNoob enjoyed the full confidence of the coaching staff and players, he fell victim to the new signings. TheNoob’s response to the situation has been another example of his greatness of character. Team Queso would like to wish him best of luck in the future and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have contributed to the club at a sporting and personal level.


Navalha embodies that feeling: ‘You represent everything an eSports team can look for in a player, I’m sure you’ll succeed wherever you go, and you know that this will always be your home, your family is here.


Thank you, The Noob!