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Our Vainglory team is already getting warmed up to compete in the VPL

This Saturday, at 19:00 CEST, the competition for our Vainglory players will begin, we are talking about the VPL Summer Open, an official Super Evil Megacorp competition. It is one of the largest competitions in Europe with a total of 24 teams participating.

Team Queso starts as second seed and will be represented by Hundor, Palmatoro, Tyruzz, Hegman and PRZ in the first match of the tournament against Fyrn Skulblaka in the round of 16. TetnoJJ’s participation in this game will be decided minutes before the start, in case of participating he will take PRZ’s place.

The rounds will be best-of-three in a direct elimination bracket, so having a bad day could be potentially disastrous and leave anyone out of the competition and there won’t be second chances this time as there’s not a losers’ bracket.

The expectations of Team Queso for this competition are high. Our players have been working really hard for months and their quality is undeniable. According to the coach Bayu, “we’re ready to show everyone what we’re made of” and he even goes further: “Ready to get rekt?”

You can follow the matches and support Team Queso on Vainglory’s official Twitch channel: