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Grupo Telepizza and Team Queso celebrate a year of sponsorship with the launch of a premium pizza box as well as a few changes regarding the name of the club in the Superliga Orange competitions.


In June 2018, Team Queso and Telepizza started a journey together, a sponsorship full of enthusiasm and willingness to do great things. Telepizza, a brand that had not interacted previously with eSports, decided to support Team Queso and began its expansion into the sector. Team Queso wouldn’t be where it is now if it weren’t for Telepizza. A year later, both brands announce the renewal of the sponsorship with some novelties.


From now on, the club will adopt the Telepizza Team Queso name in all the LVP competitions in which it participates and will carry out a series of activations, both on-line and face-to-face, at the Gamergy convention (21st, 22nd, 23rd of June). Team Queso will have its own stand and Telepizza will be very present. In addition, from now on pizzas will arrive at home in this premium box designed exclusively to celebrate the sponsorship:


You will be able to enjoy the Telepizza Team Queso experience at Gamergy on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd of June, where there will be a multitude of activities at the Team Queso stand and you will be able to meet your favourite players and share a pizza with them.


Grupo Telepizza is a Spanish multinational dedicated to the sale of pizza, with more than 2.600 establishments and 60 million customers worldwide. Since it was founded in 1987 in Madrid, it has been an example to follow when it comes to the sale and delivery of pizzas, offering customers a quality product and an unbeatable service. In its path of constant growth and innovation, Telepizza found in eSports a niche it wanted to explore, and in Team Queso its greatest ally.


Since June 2018, Telepizza has marched along with Team Queso on a path full of successes, fun and opportunities. They have always been aligned with both the new objectives and values. Both the support and trust that the club has received from Telepizza from the very beginning have been amazing.


‘The union that began in 2018 between Telepizza and Team Queso has been accompanied by the creation of content and the achieving of great milestones. We are committed to supporting eSports with the intention of continuing to promote the philosophy of spending more time together, in this case playing and having fun’, points out Jorge Lombardía, Corporate Sales Manager of Telepizza Group.


This has been noticeable both in the creation of all kinds of content and in sporting performance. Together, Telepizza and Team Queso have achieved many milestones for the club over the past year, and the expansion into PC symbolises the success of this union, from Fortnite and its evolution to the recent creation of a League of Legends division.


Telepizza was the driving force behind Team Queso’s expansion into Fortnite, in June 2018. This date also marked the end of the hegemony of mobile devices. This change was a turning point in the history of the club, a leap into the unknown and a project that has worked perfectly. With the daily streams, the work of all and the talent of the players, the Fortnite division has set an example in Spain and Europe in just one year. Especially considering that Prisionero qualified for the Fortnite World Cup in New York (30th-31st of July).


In addition, this year we have seen the club expand into several more games, and this would not have been possible without the support of Telepizza: Rainbow Six, Brawl Stars, PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans and, just before the celebration of a year of sponsorship, the crown jewel, the new League of Legends division.


Alvaro845, CEO of Team Queso, highlights the importance that Telepizza has had in the last year in the club: ‘Team Queso is where it is today thanks in large part to Telepizza. They trusted us a year ago when we started the expansion into PC games, and after a fantastic job together we have achieved our goals’.


With a year behind them, but many ahead, Grupo Telepizza and Team Queso are committed to eSports and will continue walking together to continue giving fans the best of eSports: high-level competition and content creation.