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Telepizza Team Queso introduces its League of Legends roster

POSTED BY TeamQueso 12/01/2020

Alvaro845’s team now has all five players ready to compete in the new League of Legends Superliga Orange


The new season is about to begin and Team Queso is more than prepared for the 2020 League of Legends Superliga Orange. It is a solid project with great ambitions and, as of today, one of the club’s main priorities. With Samcro at the helm as manager and coach, the goal is to win pretty much everything while building the foundation of a division that will bring much joy.


The five players who will make up the team this year are Raven, Demon, Miniduke, Rayito and Aizhon. Enrique ‘Samcro’ Cuerda will be the main coach and Álvaro ‘Xaio’ Hernández will work as ‘strategic coach’. 


Miłosz ‘Raven’ Domagalski will play as Top Laner, he is 19 years old, hails from Poland and joined Team Queso in October 2019 to compete in the Iberian Cup, he proved to be a fantastic player and will remain in the team during this SLO. 


Lorenzo ‘Demon’ Marzi will be the Jungler, he is Italian, and played in Qlash before joining Team Queso and, at 21, is very experienced after having won numerous tournaments in Italy. 


Ismael ‘Miniduke’ Martínez, a 22-year-old Spaniard who is well known in the community, he is on loan from Movistar Riders to play as Mid Laner and both his skills and experience will be of vital importance to the team. 


Michael ‘Rayito’ Curtet also remains in the team after having competed in the Iberian Cup in November. He is 19 years old and boasts enormous talent, he will play as ADC in the Bot Lane. 


Coming from Arena Quesito, Javier ‘Aizhon’ Sánchez will play as starting support. He is a 22-year-old Spaniard and after a spectacular performance in the youth academy and having played two games in the past SLO as a reserve player, now he has a chance to play in the main roster and will defend the Bot Lane as support 


All of them are already living in the ‘Gaming House’ of Team Queso, they have been training together for a few weeks and are comfortable working and living together. They are an exceptional group, they are eager to start competing and they share the club’s dream of achieving lots of success.


Team Queso has built a very reliable team that seeks to establish itself as a play-off team in the Superliga Orange. By closely working with the academy, paying special attention to the development of talent and the growth of players, Samcro aims to create a solid division in 2020 with a starting team that can compete for the top spot and emerging talent coming from the academy proficient enough to play in the league. 


“With this roster we see ourselves capable of doing anything and we seek to take the top spot of the table. We are more motivated than ever and with this project we want to put Team Queso where it deserves to be”.


The coaches of Arena Quesito, Iván ‘Prod1gy’ Villanueva and Tomás ‘Handag’ Gutiérrez will actively work with the starting team and will apply the same mechanics in the youth academy, which in turn will try to dominate the entire amateur circuit.


The club has high hopes for League of Legends and Team Queso not only will be working on the sporting level, but there will also be a lot of audiovisual content related to social media with the usual quality and style of Team Queso.


We can’t wait for it to start! It will be on the 23rd of January at 7 PM, in the first match of the Superliga Orange against eMonkeyz. 


See you in the Summoner’s Rift!