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Saturday and Sunday at 17:30pm: Team Queso and Navalha have organised a very special tournament for the MOBA community


Arena of Valor is a game that brought much joy to Team Queso in the past. We still remember those Valor Series that took us to countries like Brazil or China. Unfortunately, the game’s competitive scene steadily declined, and the club closed the division.


Navalha, who keeps collaborating with Team Queso, has continued playing Arena of Valor all this time and, with the imminent launch of Wild Rift, thought it would be a good opportunity and, together with Team Queso, created the Telepizza Queso Cup: Arena of Valor.


From Saturday the 11th of July at 17:30, live on Navalha’s, SamCro’s and Poti’s channels, you will be able to watch this show that will bring together influencers and players to compete in a tournament that will delight all mobile fans. 


This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the sponsors of Team Queso, who have graciously provided several prizes to make the event more appealing. Telepizza will be giving €1000 to the winning team and will also be doing many giveaways during the event.


ElGato will reward the winners with 5 Stream Deck and also the runners-up with 5 codes for Stream Deck Mobile, and Lotto will be giving out the ‘Athletica’ sportswear pack to the winners.



The tournament will feature different game modes to make it more fun and dynamic. The tournament will be cast by Navalha, SamCro and Poti, while four teams supported by four fantastic coaches will be competing for two days. They are Daymelto, JaviGinger, Sempiterno and Wasab0, and among the players you will be able to see Ruiz, Ibustos, TheNoob and many more.


We will be waiting for you on Saturday from 17:30 to 22:00 and on Sunday also from 17:30 to 22:00 to watch the finals and see which teams emerge victorious. It will be on each of our casters channels: Navalha, SamCro and Poti.