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Team Queso’s Squad, ready to compete at Dreamhack

Clynt, Prisionero, Naranjito and Equinocsis will compete this weekend in the Fortnite Dreamcup and will be pitted against the best players in Spain.

You were all waiting for it, Fortnite’s season 5 is about to begin and what better way to celebrate it than with a tournament with Team Queso. This weekend you will have the opportunity to see the team in action competing in today’s most popular game.

Fortnite’s competitive scene continues to take shape and we at Team Queso are ready to jump on every opportunity. Starting today, Thursday, the 12th of July, a new Dreamhack event will be held in Valencia and our newly created Fortnite squad will participate in the Fortnite Dreamcup.

The tournament will be held over three days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and will include both duo and squad matches. 192 duos and 96 squads will jump into battle in Fortnite’s newest season and try to achieve a Victory Royale.

Only the winners of each category will get a prize; €2,000 and Razer gear for the winning duo, and €3,000 also with Razer peripherals for the winning squad.

Clynt and Naranjito will form a duo and Echinocsis and Prisoner the other one, hopefully they are not placed in the same group and if it happens…. let’s just hope that they do not have to fight against each other. The four of them will play squads on the same team.

You can’t miss this event! The tournament will surely be fantastic and we are all looking forward to seeing how Fortnite’s competitive scene evolves. And, of course, we are confident that team Queso will emerge victorious.

Stay tuned to our social media for the broadcast of the event. Here you can check the schedule for each round so that you can support us.


You can find further information about the rules of the tournament here.