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After the announcement of the new Fortnite competitive system, Team Queso presents its official squad for the competition.

Naranjito, Patata, Urii and Alewar are the four members that will represent Team Queso during the FNCS that will start on the 1st of November. Under the command of Clynt, the coach, they will have four weeks to try to reach the regional finals and compete for cash prizes.

Prisonero, on the other hand, returns to the competitive scene after a small break and will be with his team-mates in the Quesocasa. However, in this event he will be playing with a different squad whose members are zTyche, Jord1h and Colla, who has been at Team Queso player since the beginning. 

Clynt weighs in on the players’ chances of achieving the goal: “We’re working very hard and I’m looking forward to it. All these players have different personalities and I’m very happy with the group. We’ll keep on working and looking to be a competitive squad at European level”.

The competition kicks off on the 1st of November and a total of $5 million in prizes will be distributed among all regions. There will be four qualifiers in which the best scoring participants each week will qualify for the final. 

As in the previous FNCS, the most consistent teams that have not managed to qualify any week will do so by means of the number of points recorded in an overall scoreboard that will take into account the points scored during the four qualifiers. 

Each round consists of three phases, two previous rounds and a final round which will determine the players that will qualify. The point system will be similar to the one that has been used until now in events of this nature, the players will be able to score points in-game by eliminating their opponents and depending on their final standings.

As you probably already know, Fortnite’s new season has begun, and among the changes there is a new island. Don’t miss the first competitive event since the new changes and get ready to cheer on Naranjito and company every weekend starting on the 1st of November on Team Queso’s streaming channels.

Before that, tune in this week end to watch our players compete in 

To the bus!