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Team Queso’s expectations to win the Clash Royale World Championship Finals were crushed after losing a tight game against KING-ZONE DragonX in the quarter-finals round

End of a dream. For four months the Clash Royale team of Team Queso has delighted us with their plays, made us tremble with excitement and got all of us on the hype train with the chance of being world champions. Soking, Cuchii Cuu, Beniju, Saint Belikin and Anthony have shown that they can guarantee success and have the whole of Europe at their feet. Termisfa and Mad Raider, two wonderful coaches, have managed the team to perfection, always with the help of Fuyur, working behind the scenes.

It was time to compete against the best in the world, in a stadium up to the occasion and with the promise of a great show in Tokio. After the preliminary phase, played by Soking, Team Queso had to play one more round, whereas two of the six teams awaited in the semi-finals, the remaining four had to play the quarterfinals.

DragonX was a fearsome rival and Team Queso was up to the task. It was an intense match in which both teams reached the last round tied. Cuchii Cuu and Beniju won the 2v2, they certainly did not disappoint and showed that they understand each other wonderfully. They defeated Big Daddy and July and scored the first set for Team Queso.

Saint Belikin was in charge of playing the 1v1 against X-bow master, the best of the Koreans, who played better than our player and gave him no chance at all. The second set went to DragonX and Soking was ready for the King of the Hill.

His first rival was July and Soking completely obliterated him. He managed to get the three crowns with Golem and the first point of the King of the Hill went to Team Queso. Then X-bow master beat Soking by the skin of his teeth, surprising his opponent at the end of the game with a good defence and a counter-attack when the game seemed to be going in Soking’s favour. After that he defeated Beniju, a single push when the Basque’s P.E.K.K.A. went on the other lane was enough, 2-1 and match ball.

Cuchii Cuu tried to achieve a comeback and managed to defeat the best player of the Korean team after a perfect game, but he ended up being unable to beat the Miner and the Bats of Ho in the final game. Cuchii clapped his hands to his head as Team Queso’s dream faded away with the ten-second countdown, unable to do anything.

All our players were up to the task and demonstrated why they were among the best in the world. A world that was left aching to see more of Team Queso during the tournament, which Nova Esports ended up winning.

Thank you very much to all of you who were awake that Friday night to see Team Queso live. Your support does not go unnoticed, not even by the casters who are constantly talking about it. Without you none of this would be possible.

We’ll try again.