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Team Queso’s biggest open secret

After almost a year since being created, Team Queso has become one of the leading eSports organisations in mobile devices on both a national and international scale. Who would have thought that we would be at this point today?

The evolution that we have experienced in these eleven months of life has been so huge that not even our staff expected it, this crazy growth has affected all our decisions in a positive way with several Team Queso related ambitious projects coming ahead of time, projects that a priori would have taken much more preparation and time.

Players, coaches, analysts, content creators, staff, fans… all this is being possible thanks to you, we will never tire of thanking each and every one of you who make Team Queso possible.

Today we want to announce one of the projects that we are most excited about and, since you probably have already read the title of this announcement… ‘Team Queso’s biggest open secret’.

Are you ready?

In 2018 and with a development at all levels in the eSports industry, the most cutting-edge organisations at an international scale have come to a conclusion: the need to group players of the same squad in the same place.

Today this space is known as Gaming House, which is nothing more than a space where eSports players continue their training and development in a house equipped to cover all the needs that these athletes of the 21st century may require.

What does all this mean? Is Team Queso going to have Gaming House for its players? The answer is the one you all know, yes. By the time you are reading this we will have a house where, for now, some Clash Royale players will begin to live together to continue their development with the best conditions and needs at their disposal, making our organisation the first to have a Gaming House for teams focused on the mobile competitive scene.

We believe that even though Clash Royale’s competitive scene is focused on one-on-one matches, being able to train, correct mistakes and live together as a team will help us immensely to evolve and have a greater advantage than our rivals in all competitions.

Thus, for the time being the players who will be living in Team Queso’s Gaming House located in Madrid will be:

  • Jesús ‘Soking’ Varela
  • Pere Manel ‘CuchiiCuu’ Rodríguez
  • Álvaro ‘Varik0’ Márquez
  • Sergio ‘Termisfa’ Fernández (Coach)

More team members will be joining over the next few weeks and months.

It’s worth noting that our Gaming House will be available when preparing large events to our Vainglory, Arena of Valor and Hearthstone players in the form of boot camps.

Finally, pay close attention to our social media, lots of content from the house with our players is about to come!