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The cheeses take the trophy home after beating Chivas Esports in the finals and an amazing performance all along the competition


Clash Royale’s international competition is back and the best teams from Europe, NA and LATAM have battled in this invitational tournament.


Beniju, Cuchii Cuu, Rubén, iAmJP and Oyassu have been the actors of this victory, along with the coach Eelke and AlvaroGL the analist. The boys performed great in the regular season, securing first position with two games to go, and certified the victory with a solidity in the final playoff.


Chivas was the rival in the decisive game and it all came down to the final set, where Ruben showed his quality once again and Anaban stood no chance. 2-0 and title for the cheeses.


The boys burst in joy and enjoyed this new victory in the international scene of Clash Royale. Game after game the community spoke of Team Queso or of the players and their incredible performances, one after the other.


To all the fans we want to thank you for being there, following and supporting us all the way. At least 70.000 people watched the finals and this win is for all of you.