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Indeed! We did it! After the whoooole tournament advancing through the losers bracket and playing on a razor’s edge, we finally managed to defeat Audacity Gaming and secure the third position in the Challengers, which gives us the right to play in the Battles to access the Vainglory 8. It has not been easy, along the way we have had to play two more series than the winners bracket. We have defeated teams like Memento Mori (10), VVaves (7), Excel (4) or Audacity Gaming (8), and we only lost a single game.

In the finals of the losers bracket we lost 2-0 against Salty Potatoes, who, in turn, lost in the Super Final 2-3 against Calamity Reborn, champions of these Challengers, in an intense qualifying round that could have gone either way. But it did not matter, because we had already secured our position. And now that? Well, now we’ll have to wait until this weekend, the 15th and 16th of July, when the last games of the VG8 will take place. Then we’ll know the final classification of the Vainglory 8, the league where the 8 best teams in Europe play.

Format changes

Recently we explained how Vainglory’s competitive scene worked. A few hours later Super Evil Megacorp announced a format change. From now on, the last 3 teams of the Vainglory 8 will face the top 3 teams of the Challengers (Team Queso, Salty Potatoes and Calamity Reborn) in 3 Best-of-three series to accumulate points. It’s something similar to a Round Robin in which at the end of the last game, the 3 teams with more points will get their place in the Vainglory 8. Who will Team Queso be playing against? Well, nobody knows yet. It seems clear that Supremacy and Reliable Union will be two of our rivals, but the third one is still unknown.

When will Team Queso play?

That’s something we know. Team Queso will play on Saturday, the 22nd of July at 18:00 and at 21:00 CEST and on Sunday, the 23rd at 21:00 CEST, and it will be streamed in Vainglory Twitch Channel. This game will determine the final classification of the Challengers Battles. We hope to be prepared to become the first Spanish team to ascend to the Vainglory 8 and be able to represent the Spanish community in the European Vainglory’s elite!