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Introducing the newest addition to Team Queso’s Fortnite team, Potato becomes part of our squad.

Carlos Francés Valdés has been chosen to be part of the squad along with Clynt, Prisionero and Naranjito in Team Queso’s Fortnite team starting line-up. According to him, he changes his nickname more times than you can shake a stick at, now he goes by Potato, the Solanaceae that we all like so much.

Native to Biar, a town in Alicante, Potato is 21 years old and video games have always been one of his passions, along with sports and, specifically, climbing. He started playing Call of Duty on console when he was a child, and continued with several shooters on PC, as well as other MOBA games. In short, he’s a veteran gamer and today he becomes part of Team Queso, in the division dedicated to Fortnite.

As for his experience in Epic’s game, you know that there is no competitive framework in which to assess players at the moment, but we do have some data that speak well for our latest signing and bode well for the future. Potato has a streak of consecutive wins in solo mode that amounts to 25, Spain’s biggest winning streak, and more than 1,200 wins in total in the game. His maximum number of kills in one game is 26, in a solo v squads game.

In his own words: ‘I was hesitant to change from Potato to Patata, but in the end I chose Potato. I’m really looking forward to working with the team, there’s a good atmosphere, they are always working and striving to improve.

We, Team Queso, would like to welcome our new signing, wish him a great time and we are sure that both his performance and attitude will be fantastic. So, the current members of our squad are Clynt, Prisionero, Naranjito and Potato, with Colla working hard in the sideline, keep your eyes peeled as you will see more and more of them.

Thank you Equinocsis

Usually when one player joins the team it’s because another one is leaving. Equinocsis will no longer be part of Team Queso, so we would like to thank him for the time he dedicated to the club and wish him luck in the future.