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This past weekend we saw Team Queso competing in four different divisions. Fortnite and Hearthstone in DreamHack Sevilla, Counter-Strike in the Canary Islands and Clash Royale.

Clash Royale: Dragons came back

On Sunday at 17:00 the third match of Superliga Orange took place. This time Team Queso played against x6tence and the match ended with our first defeat this season.

Everything began very smoothly after first Iván Abuso with a Royal Giant deck and then Dark Angel with a Graveyard deck managed to win the first two games by the skin of their teeth.

The second set began with CM Awesome winning the first game, he was using the Three Musketeers and thus got the first match ball for Team Queso. First Pou Legion and then Iván Abuso tried but could not prevail against Kenny and Rainbow, who played with Three Musketeers and X-Bow respectively.

We then moved on to the King of the Hill and first Dark Angel and then Iván Abuso got defeated by Kenny, who was on three in a row overall. CM Awesome managed to stop his opponent’s winning streak but was unable to prevent the defeat.

Fortnite: a great performance

The Fortnite Dreamcup brought together the best Spanish and European teams of the scene. Four different groups competed and scored points according to position and number of kills. After a round, half would be cut out, and so on until the final or round 3.

The first two rounds were played on Saturday, Patata and Prisonero on one side and Naranjito and Clynt on the other. Both duos scored two victories in all three games of the first round, leading their groups and moving on to the next phase with ease.

Same format, this time our duos won only one game out of three, again in different groups and went to the final phase without problems. Things were going swimmingly, and Team Queso players were performing very well.

The final took place on Sunday, four games with the 30 best duos of the tournament. Prisonero and Potato were able to reach the final positions in all the games and achieved a meritorious fourth place. On the contrary, Clynt and Naranjito had more problems with the landing, forced into confrontations at the beginning of the game. That took a toll on them and they were unable to position themselves properly for the rotations. They managed to earn some points in the last two games and ended up placing tenth in the tournament.

You can watch Team Queso’s Fortnite players live every afternoon from 18:00 to 20:30 on Twitch:

CSGO: first set decided

The CSGO finals of the ESL Master took place on Saturday night. Our players travelled to Gran Canaria to face Dragons in the semi-finals, and after hours of waiting and much uncertainty due to technical problems, the match began.

Whether they were affected or not by this delay, the fact is that Team Queso did not have a good start in Overpass. Xikii, Shhhack, Emenk, Blastinho and Arki were forced to make a comeback from a crushing 12-3. The truth is that they were very close to achieve it after swapping sides, but Dragons ended up winning 16-14.

The second map wasn’t that evenly matched. All the stress from the previous delay and having been defeated by a mere point took a toll on the cheeses and they got defeated in Trains 16-6.

Hearthstone: only Mircan made the Top 8

Mariodela, Hiki and Mircan also participated in Seville, but things didn’t turn out as they intended. With the new expansion recently added to the game, the meta was a bit crazy and Team Queso’s players didn’t know how to make the most of it. Hiki and Mariodela dropped out at 2-3, and Mircan got to the afternoon with 4-1, but lost two in a row and didn’t make the Top 8 either.