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After a break of almost two weeks, the sixth day of the SuperLiga Orange, in which we had to face off against The G-Lab Penguins, started. The penguins needed the points to climb out of the hole and try to qualify for the Gamergy, while for Team Queso, the victory would bring us closer to the lead after Arctic got defeated for the first time in the SLO against Huntters minutes earlier.

It was a match that Team Queso easily won with a triple 2-0, in what has been the fastest match of the season, without losing a single tower. Cuchii Cuu was the most outstanding player of the match, opening the first two sets and closing the third to give the victory to his team. With this 3 out of 3, the Balearic player has got a boost of confidence for the SuperLiga Orange, facing with renewed force what remains of the regular season. Soking and Surgical Goblin, very reliable as always, won the only match they played.

The Italian player Peppe, on loan from Team Qlash, did not have his dreamed début in this SLO, playing and losing 3 of the 6 games he played in this match. The incorporation of Peppe to Penguins has not had the positive impact they expected, at least for the time being, but he will have more chances in the future to prove his worth.

Next week, a very important match against Arctic Innjoo, the current leader of the competition, awaits us. A duel for the lead that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Let’s see in detail how the match against The G-Lab Penguins went.



Cuchii Cuu v Peppe

Peppe made his début in the SLO with a conservative deck: the ‘MegaHog’. Cuchii Cuu did it with a Giant and Cannon Cart deck, a cannon that Peppe had a hard time stopping. The Italian was forced to use the Mega Knight to stop said cannon in the first counter-attack of Cuchii Cuu and did not have enough elixir to defend himself from the Giant, that did a good deal of damage to the tower. In the next counter-attack, Peppe did not played the Mega Knight to stop the cannon that, alongside the Poison, destroyed the tower. Defence and counter push by the book by Cuchii Cuu who took the first point.

Soking v Dark Soldier

Dark Soldier initially placed the Goblin Hut and everything indicated that he would be playing with the deck popularized by Loupanji in the CCGS. And that was indeed the case. But Soking brought a fast cycle Miner with Poison deck that was gradually scraping the rival’s tower. Dark Soldier could not capitalise on the PEKKA, and when he played it at the end he couldn’t guess the position of Soking’s Miner, who eventually emerged victorious thus taking the first set for Team Queso.


SET 2 

Cuchii Cuu v Jorge Nova

The G-Lab Penguins banned the Princess for the rest of the match. The princess had not yet been played but the ban made it more difficult for our players to use log bait decks.

Cuchii Cuu reopened the set and once again chose a Giant deck, this time with Graveyard. Jorge Nova had prepared a ‘Sparknado’ deck with X-Bow that he had previously used. Cuchii Cuu’s first attack got halted by Jorge without receiving too much damage, although all his troops died with the Poison and was left without a counter-attack. The Penguins player used very early an offensive X-Bow, but Cuchii Cuu had the Giant ready to tank it. Last offensive by Cuchii Cuu with a Giant, a Graveyard on the bridge and a fantastic Zap that allowed the giant to hit the tower up to 6 times leaving it on the brink of destruction. That sealed Cuchii Cuu’s second victory in the match.

Surgical Goblin v Peppe

First match of the day for Surgical Goblin who played a deck that he loves, the ‘MegaHog’. Peppe also played with a Hog Rider, an Executioner a Cannon Cart, and a Tornado to stop Surgical’s Hog Rider, but he misused it during the first attack of the Dutch player and would eventually lose the game. From that point on, Surgical just defended himself with his Mega Knight, doing some counter-attacks at the same time that the Italian was unable to stop. Misplays in these tournaments can have dire consequences.



Soking v Peppe

This time Penguins chose to ban the Poison and Soking decided to play an extremely fast Balloon cycle deck. Peppe, on the other hand, brought a control deck with Mega Knight and several units that ended up being unable to stop Soking’s Balloons. During the first attack, the spells of the ‘Quiff’ made it so that the Globe was able to hit twice. A good defensive use of the mini Pekka and the Ice Golem was enough for Soking to stop Peppe’s attempts of reaching the tower, ending the game with some sneaky Miners and spells.

Cuchii Cuu v Dark Soldier

Once again Cuchii Cuu played with a Giant deck, this time with a Fireball. Dark Soldier tried to surprise the Team Queso player with a Globe and Miner offensive, but Cuchii Cuu managed to defend himself without spending many resources with a Night Witch and some Bats. Meanwhile, on the other lane, the Penguins player didn’t play in time the Ice Golem to stop an Inferno Dragon that almost knocked down the tower. With no time to react, Cuchii Cuu had already prepared a lethal counter push with the Giant tanking the Graveyard. Dark Soldier was unable to stop it and Team Queso emerged victorious decisively without losing a single tower in the whole match.