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Fifth day of the SuperLiga Orange against one of the strongest rivals in the competition, Giants Gaming. Team Queso started in fifth place with 6 points, after the last two defeats against Movistar Riders and Kiyf.

Our starter trident (Surgical Goblin, Soking and Cuchii Cuu) returned that day to get those valuable 3 points to keep fighting to be in the first places of the table. Our guys were tired after playing the day before in Paris, but they were confident and prepared.



Surgical Goblin v Yeray

Surgical Goblin with his Executioner with Cannon Cart splashyard deck had a good match up against Yeray’s Golem with Night Witch deck. However, the Dutch player had a bad starting cycle and was unable to stop Yeray’s Elixir Collector efficiently, who took advantage of this to make the most of the elixir. Surgical began to recover from that disadvantage with his defences and by doing a counter push that forced Yeray to use the Log prematurely and left his tower with only 1000 hit points. Right after that Yeray made a misplay once again by sending a Golem down the other lane and Surgical took advantage of this to threw everything at his opponent and finish destroying the tower.

Soking v zTeemper

A duel between the two Spanish players in best shape nowadays. Soking played with a Hog Rider, Princess, Mini PEKKA and Rocket deck. zTeemper with a Three Musketeers, Minion Horde and Miner deck. The Giants player did not have many resources to stop Soking’s Hog Riders and Princesses. The player from Cádiz, on the other hand, had to stop zTeemper’s collectors and had to protect the Princess as if his life depended on it. Soking managed to resist two very strong pushes that his opponent launched without using the rocket and preventing his towers from taking too much damage. After that he was able knock down his opponent’s tower which took a significant punishment from the always effective Hog Rider. Point and first set for Team Queso.



Surgical Goblin v Termisfa

Giants Gaming banned the Goblin Barrel during the following matches, knowing how well our players mastered the Log bait.

Once again both players used the Hog Rider with Princess deck. Surgical Goblin with the Tornado version and Termisfa with the Mini Pekka. The Team Queso Dutch player made the right call and was able to kill the rival’s Princesses, using twice the Log and the Hog Rider, finishing the rival’s tower off with a Rocket.

Cuchii Cuu v Yeray

Yeray played with a Graveyard and Poison cycle deck and Cuchii Cuu with a Mega Knight and Miner deck. An evenly matched game, a priori, for both players. Although Cuchii Cuu had weak units that died due to the Poison, he was able to stop the tanking of Yeray’s Graveyard with the Mega Knight. The Giants player could not stop a counterattack that came from the two lanes and the Miner alongside the Bats demolished the first tower. Yeray had no choice but to spend a huge amount of elixir to remain in the game, a fact that Cuchii Cuu took advantage of by sending a Mega Knight down the corner to destroy the second tower, thus winning the second set for Team Queso.



Surgical Goblin v zTeemper

This time Giants Gaming decided to ban the Tornado.

Zteemper brought a fast cycle deck with Balloon, Mini PEKKA, Fireball and Zap, hoping for a favourable match up against Hog Rider or Three Musketeers decks that Surgical Goblin likes to use. But the Dutch player surprised him with a Lavaloon with many aerial troops that zTeemper was unable to stop. A great strategy by the Team Queso player who won the match getting three crowns.

Soking v Yeray

A Hog Rider duel between both players. Yeray with the version that is most used nowadays with Princess and Mini Pekka. Soking added the Inferno Dragon and the Poison, expecting a heavier beatdown deck. The game was very evenly matched despite the deck advantage that Yeray had, but finally Giants managed to take the first point of the match and delayed a bit the unavoidable victory of Team Queso.

Cuchii Cuu v Termisfa

Cuchii Cuu played with the same deck that his team-mate Soking had used before, hoping that this time Termisfa would be using a heavy deck. A Hog Rider deck that Cuchii Cuu rarely plays which managed to take the Giants player completely by surprise. The Balearic player was able to punish and demolish the rival’s tower with a strong counter push and just defended for the rest of the game thus achieving the match point for Team Queso.

Great performance of our players and staff that conclude an excellent week with this important victory, placing us in third position of the SLO. The next day we will face off against PGM, we will keep you up to date!