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We are proud to announce the fifth signing and the team that will participate in the competitive circuit of Valorant in 2021

Team Queso created a Valorant division in August 2020 and continues to lay the foundations of this new project. The game does not yet have an established competitive system, but organisations such as LVP, in Spain, are already testing the waters with events that will gradually shape the competitive environment.

This 2021, we have three changes to announce regarding our Valorant division. Francisco ‘Zorrele’ Rosa and Fabián ‘Quick’ Pereira are the two new players that will be joining the team, replacing McDaddy and Rai. Yaba, who until now was one of our CS:GO players, becomes the new Valorant coach. With Vicen ‘SNK’ also acting as coach and manager of the division, the team will look like this:






Team Queso will participate in the LVP Valorant Rising Series competition, a series of four scoring tournaments open to any team. LVP will broadcast each tournament starting on the quarterfinals and will draw the best 8 teams from the four events to participate in some live finals. 

We will also participate in the open tournaments organised by Riot, in what they have called the Valorant Champions Tour, a circuit divided into three phases (Challengers, Masters and Champions). The challenger circuit will be regional and there will be qualifiers similar to those in the 2020 First Strike. The Master circuit is reserved for the top teams from each region and will take place three times per year. The Champions tournament will be a single two-week live event with the 16 best teams in the world.

Team Queso has been working on the Valorant division since its creation, building a solid group and improving as a team. We start this year with tons of excitement and ‘eager to start playing Valorant’, according to SNK, manager of the division.

See you in Split, Haven, or the rest of the maps in the game!