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Team Queso, two representatives in Hearthstone

Mariodela will travel to Italy this weekend to compete in a new event of the Hearthstone HCT circuit and this time he will be accompanied by Mircan, from Arena Quesito

We like Hearthstone and now two players will be travelling around the world competing in Blizzard’s game. You already know Mariodela, who recently competed in Sweden and Austin representing Team Queso, and now you’re going to meet Mircan, our new player from Team Queso’s youth academy, Arena Quesito.

Mircan’s latest tournament was the Spanish nationals, in which Mariodela also competed and managed to get a 5-1 favourable score in the Swiss rounds and qualify for the final brackets. Mario was only defeated once funnily enough by Mircan, who did a great performance but with a 4-2 final score could not place among the top 8.

The two players leave for Varese confident after their recent good results and aiming to bring a good result back to the Quesocasa. We are positive that with your unconditional support and thanks to having a team-mate nearby, both will do great at the tournament.

The tournament will consist of 9 rounds in Swiss format, 4 on Friday and 5 on Saturday. Our players will have to get at least a positive 7-2 score to place among the top 8. From there, a final direct elimination bracket will take place on Sunday.

Support Mario and Mircan and lead them to victory!


Placement          HCT        Prize

1                             15           $6500

2                             12           $3500

3                             10           $1500

4                             10           $1500

5                             8              $1000

6                             8              $1000

7                             8              $1000

8                             8              $1000


Friday – July 6th, 2018 – Day 1:

1:00 PM- Day 1 Gameplay Begins

10:00 PM – Day 1 Gameplay Ends

Saturday – July 7th, 2018 – Day 2: 

11:00 AM – Day 2 Gameplay Begins

10:00 PM – Day 2 Gameplay Ends

Sunday – July 8th, 2018 – Day 3: Top 16 Playoffs

11:00 AM – Day 3 Gameplay Begins

10:00 PM – Day 3 Gameplay Ends

The tournament will be broadcast on: