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Team Queso claims the first position of the Clash Royale League after defeating SK Gaming 2-0 and will only have to play one match to qualify for the finals in Japan

We love to see how the players from Team Queso celebrate every CRL victory and the passion with which these guys experience the matches, no matter their position in the standings. There were tense moments against SK that led to a burst of joy from our players when Cuchii Cuu secured the eleventh victory.

With one more match to go until the end of the group stage, Team Queso has claimed the top spot for the playoffs. Although it was almost impossible not to end up in that position, now it is mathematically confirmed. Allegiance and G2 will fight for the second and third position and the fourth place is undecided between SK Gaming and Team Liquid.

Soking and Saint Belikin 2v2

Termisfa and Mad Raider keep doing their rotations for this modality that has given such good results to the team. Soking and Belikin did their job properly and were able to win the first set, although they lost a game.

First, they used a Royal Hog deck along with a P.E.K.K.A. that perfectly countered the Royal Giants of Loay and Morten. The Royal Giant has seen much more play in this league since Supercell changed it.

Our players won their first game with relative ease and also decided to use the Royal Giant for the second game. SK followed their strategy and this time they did manage to cause more damage to the towers and tied the set.

Once again, four Royal Giants saw play in the third set, this time Soking and Belikin added a Giant Skeleton. In the first offensive they badly damaged one of their opponent’s towers, and from that point on the game was easy.

Cuchii Cuu finished off

Cuchii is one of the players with the best win rate of the tournament. Before this match he had a 16-3 record since the beginning of the CRL. Against him, Matt, a specialist in 1v1.

In the first game both used a Golem deck, but Matt had a Night Witch and Cuchii decided to use three spells. The bats were crucial to decide the winner of the game. When both players had lost a tower, the Bats tipped the scales in Matts favour and he was able to destroy the king’s tower first.

Cuchii Cuu decided to use a Giant with Sparky deck for the second game and Matt used the same deck as before. Cuchii was able to stop the Italian’s Golem and waged a counter-attack that damaged the opponent’s tower enough to leave it within range of two spells. He kept defending and was able to finish it off three minutes later.

Cuchii chose Graveyard with Tornado for the third game and his opponent Royal Giant. It was an agonising game, both towers were taking damage little by little. In the last seconds of the game, when Matt’s Royal Giant threatened to shoot the final two cannon shots and attracted everyone’s attention, on the other side of the arena a somewhat crazy Barbarian from Cuchii came out of his barrel after killing some skeletons, finished off a Bowler, and marched towards the tower of the Italian, unimpeded.

A single sword thrust was enough to make everyone on the set scream.

Waiting for a rival

Having the first position in the league means that Team Queso will only have to play a single match in the playoffs. First, the fourth team to qualify will play against the third. The winner will then face the second ranking team of the league, and the winner of this match will play the final against Team Queso.

As always, great job everyone: Mad Raider, Termisfa, Soking, Belikin, Cuchii Cuu, Beniju and Anthony, and Fuyur behind the scenes.

There is one match of the league left, on Thursday the 18th of October at 22:00 CEST against Allegiance, a possible rival in the playoffs. Thank you very much for always being with us and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday!