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There is no stopping Team Queso in this CRL. In Anthony’s debut, our players made a comeback in an uphill match against SK Gaming to achieve the fifth victory in a row.

We’re running out of ways to say that Team Queso remains undefeated and leader in the Clash Royale League, and also of ways to describe how our rivals lose, no matter how close they might have been to winning. SK Gaming had the victory within reach, but our players reacted in time and turned around a match that they were losing 2-0 and 1-0.

We had an important change in the line-up of Team Queso. Soking took a break for this match and in his place played Anthony, ‘El Tetón’, called up for the first time in this league. Many fans were waiting for this moment, about 5,000 at least, but they would have to wait for the third set.


Saint Belikin returned to play the 2v2, and he did it so with Beniju by his side, both playing together for the third time in CRL. Until now all 2v2 matches were won by Team Queso, but here would end this winning streak.

Our players chose to play both games with fast cycle Mortar decks and were twice overwhelmed by the Golems of SK Gaming’s Loay and Morten. The Golems simply ended up reaching Team Queso’s towers due to their overpowering mass.

Cuchii Cuu to save the day

The Majorcan would be the one to tie the match. With a 6-2 game score so far in CRL, he faced Matt_01, who had proved to be in great shape in recent games.

Both Fireball and Tornado were banned, and in the first game Cuchii played a fast cycle Graveyard deck. On the other side, Matt with Poison, Royal Recruits and Bats defended without breaking a sweat and at the same time sent his Royal Hogs and Three Musketeers towards the towers of Cuchii, there was little he could have done.

On the verge of defeat, Cuchii Cuu played the next two games flawlessly, proving that he can keep his cool under pressure as good as any other professional. First with Three Musketeers against Golem, and then with Golem against Log bait, he surpassed his rival and was simply the better player. Match tied and time for the third set.

Anthony’s debut

Everyone was waiting for this moment. Particularly the Mexican player, you could see on his face that he wanted to participate. He was the first one playing the King of the Hill, followed by Saint Belikin and Cuchii Cuu. The bans, Miner and Princess.

Anthony played with a Log bait deck and ran into a triple spell deck. Effortlessly, the Tornadoes, Logs and Fireballs foiled any offensive. The Tetón didn’t give up and managed to take a good chunk of the opponent’s tower hitpoints with a well-placed Goblin Barrel, but Loay’s Hog Rider was dealing significantly more damage.

It wasn’t possible, Anthony lost his game, but he demonstrated that he is just as ready as the others. He made way for Belikin who, besides 2v2, had not yet given much to talk about…

Saint Belikin on fire

Saint Belikin’s show began with Graveyard, followed by Three Musketeers and finalised with Lavaloon. One by one, first Loay, then Matt and finally Morten fell to the English player, who was unstoppable during the three games he played in the King of the Hill until closing the match. Incredible performance!

He thus sealed a victory after things were looking really grim in the second set, when Cuchii was losing 1-0 to Matt. Now the Clash Royale League also knows something many others already know. Team Queso knows how to make a comeback in both matches and leagues.

Great work of the whole team, the coaches Termisfa and Mad Raider and those of you who are always there.

See you next Saturday at 21:00 CEST v Team Dignitas. Thank you so much for your support!