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Team Queso secures a playoff spot in SLO League of Legends

POSTED BY TeamQueso 06/08/2020

Incredible comeback from the cheeses, who started the season with a 0-5 record and finished with 9-9 and in fourth position


The regular season of the Superliga Orange is over and Team Queso has achieved the goal that seemed so far away at the beginning of the split.


An agonizing victory against UCAM Esports in the last game of SLO seals the deal for Team Queso and secures the playoffs spot. The cheeses have fought so hard and have been able to turn the tide and come out of a very difficult situation.


Tasz’s arrival has been key in this comeback, he arrived with 0-5 down and tons of doubts in the team, but with ‘late game’ oriented strategies and huge trust in our players, he managed to fight his way back to the objective.


Congrats to the players Raven, Kadir, Roison, Rayito and Aizhon. Tasz and Prod1gy the coaches, and Samcro manager.


Next monday at 18PM we will play the quarterfinals vs Cream Betis, it will be on LVP’s Twitch channel and we need all your support!