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There will be no more Tavern Brawls and Team Queso will no longer be ‘ready’. After a year, the Hearthstone division is closed.

The beginning of the year brings us both good and bad news, and in this case it’s the closing of one of the divisions of the club. Team Queso will no longer have a division dedicated to Hearthstone, Blizzard’s turn-based card game.

Hearthstone wasn’t bringing to Team Queso what we were hoping for. The competitive circuit of the game is hard to follow, Blizzard has yet to implement a stable system of competition and all this added to the fact that the community is less flexible when compared to other games’ communities. All these caused that Team Queso did not have the impact we were expecting both in sporting results as well as media coverage.

The Hearthstone divisions of both Team Queso and Arena Quesito are therefore closed. Mariodela, Hiki and Mircan are the three players affected by this closure.

Mariodela: @Mariodela
Hiki: @ReformedHiki
Mircan: @MircanGamer

Team Queso would like to thank the three of them for their dedication and their commitment, in the words of their CEO, Alvaro845: “It’s a pity but for several reasons we couldn’t maintain the division, I would just like to wish them all the best. Thank you very much to all three of you.”

Mariodela says goodbye to everyone: “I wanted to thank all those people who are part of Team Queso for having welcomed me in the way they did and for all the support they’ve given me during all this time, hopefully our paths will meet again in the future.”

Our first place in the Open of Gamepolis 2018 achieved by Hiki will go on record for posterity.