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Team Queso Rocket League will be among the 6 teams competing in the European Championship

POSTED BY TeamQueso 19/04/2021

The team founded by Youtuber Alvaro845 will be representing Spain in the biggest European tournament of Psyonix’s game.


Team Queso has qualified for the most important tournament any Rocket League team can hope for. After months of qualifiers and events, Atomik, Dmentza and VKSailen have made it to the top 6 teams in Europe and qualified for the European Championship.


Although the event was planned as a World Championship between teams from all regions, finally, and due to the current global situation, the event has become a tournament to determine the ‘king’ of Europe, and Team Queso will be the first and only team representing Spain in the history of an event of this magnitude in Rocket League.


The tournament will start on the 15th of June with the six best teams in Europe and, in the absence of a qualifier, the participating teams have already been chosen and only the seeding and the matches in the Championship will be decided. Team BDS, Top Blokes, Team Vitality, Solary, Guild and Team Queso are the teams that qualified.


It’s been a long road getting here. After several qualifying events among the best teams in Europe according to an overall ranking. In the autumn, winter and spring splits, the format consisted of 3 regional events and a subsequent major, which awarded points for the overall ranking, and in which the best performing teams in Europe participated.


Team Queso has made a name for itself in the community as a result of these tournaments, which are broadcast on the official Rocket League Twitch channel, reaching large numbers of viewers, usually surpassing 100,000.


Team Queso has performed really well in all these events, especially in the second winter regional event where it placed second and in the second spring regional where it placed first. With one major still to be played to finish the spring split, Team Queso has secured a place in the top 6 and therefore has qualified for the final event.


This event will have a total prize pool of $400,000, and Team Queso will try to take it all while representing Spain. Both the players Dmentza, Atomik and VKSailen, as well as the staff, ByJesux and Siiko, hail from Spain and have shown that national talent can go a long way.


From Monday, the 15th to Sunday, the 20th of June, you will be able to watch this competition and support Team Queso on its way to the top of Europe against eSports giants.