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The Clash Royale League 2019 is about to begin and Team Queso aims to win once again the European title with new faces: Dark Angel and Azilys.


No one could imagine this competition without Team Queso and the Spanish club is among the members of the CRL West 2019, the team will compete to be crowned champion once again starting this 31st of May in Los Angeles.


Let’s not forget that last November Team Queso defeated SK Gaming in the final of the CRL Europe, thus being crowned as the European champion. This led Team Queso to compete in the World Cup in Japan, along with the winners from the rest of the regions of the world. That time our players were unable to go further than the quarter-finals but now comes a new opportunity.


Team Queso’s roster is ready. After tons of speculation and many leaks, the four players who will represent Team Queso during the CRL are well known and will get many victories.


Cuchii Cuu


He’s been in the team since the very beginning, Cuchii is still in the club and will be a key piece throughout the CRL, just as he was last year with a win rate of 75% in the tournament. He will be in Los Angeles and he aims to improve his performance during the CRL 2018.




He joined the team a bit later, but he’s a Team Queso player through and through. Beniju doesn’t want to miss this chance and will be once again competing in the CRL representing Team Queso. Those 2v2 points are guaranteed and his magic and joy will spread to others, as it always has.


Dark Angel


From Arena Quesito to SLO, and from SLO to CRL. Javier Martínez’s evolution has been spectacular, showing great talent from the beginning and after polishing his shortcomings, he’s become a great player willing to show everyone what he’s capable of.


At the age of 16, he has a very tactical mind and not only contributes with his gameplay but also with strategies and decisions in general, always with great success. Now he’s ready for the CRL.




The French player is the latest addition to the CRL team. Well known in the community, he has a great deal of experience in Clash Royale behind his back. Team Queso has signed him as a free agent and before that he played for Team Liquid during the last season.

Azilys comes to Team Queso with a lot of enthusiasm and grateful for the opportunity, those who doubted him will be proven wrong and his quality as a player will shine throughout the CRL, he will be fundamental for the team.


With this roster Team Queso is bound to return to the top of the CRL and this time win the World Cup.




The main novelty is the distribution of the teams, Europe will now compete in the CRL West together with teams from North America and LATAM, 12 in total. The other two regions are CRL Asia and CRL China. The participants of the World Cup will be chosen from these three pools.


The teams that Team Queso will face in the CRL West are: Complexity, Cream, Dignitas, Fnatic, Immortals, Team Liquid, Misfits, NRG, Pain Gaming, SK Gaming and Tribe Gaming. The competition will take place in Los Angeles, as in the previous edition.


Team Queso returns to the CRL with exactly the same attitude and ideas as in 2018, with ambition, willingness to work, to compete, companionship and talent, lots of talent.


Fans will not be disappointed, there will be lots of content about the competition, fun interactions, the latest news, and much more so you can experience this CRL with Team Queso.


See you in the Arena!