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Faced with the prospect of uncertainty about whether or not there will be a next Clash Royale SLO, Team Queso releases all its players so they are free to decide what course of action to take.


A week ago, Team Queso celebrated the victory in the Clash Royale Superliga Orange and yet today, with a sea of doubts regarding whether the next Superliga will take place or not, the club has decided to make it so Iván Manyu, CM Awesome, ErNahuB4N and the coach, Jostum, are now free agents. That way they can find an alternative to their liking as soon as possible. RUBÉN will remain in Team Queso and he will be transferred to the Clash Royale League division as soon as his teammates return from Los Angeles.


This has nothing to do with the players at all, especially after having won the title for Team Queso at Gamergy, and the club deeply regrets having to make this decision. The doubts about whether there will still be a Clash Royale Superliga are many and several clubs have already acted and have released their players and/or announced their departure from the competition.


However, while Team Queso will participate in the next SLO if there is one, the club will not block its players after having no prospect of a competition to participate in, so they can look for future options as soon as possible.


Team Queso wishes the best of luck to the four and thanks all the time they have devoted to the club and especially this last year, during which thanks to their effort and hard work we finally achieved the title of CR Superliga Orange, and their names will be remembered forever in the history of the club. You’ll always be cheeses.


Alvaro845 regrets more than anyone else having to make this decision: ‘We are talking about an exceptional group of people that has led us to win the SLO at last. Sincerely we would like to count on this group again in case there is a regular competition of Clash Royale that allows Team Queso to offer an interesting project to the players. Unfortunately, we don’t have any future prospects right now, so we prefer not to block the aspirations of these champions’.


We hope this wasn’t the last Clash Royale Superliga Orange trophy to enter Team Queso’s showcases.