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Last Wednesday, Team Queso’s Vainglory team was proclaimed the Summer Season Split 2 champion of the Challengers Series of Vainglory League and got their ticket to the Summer Live Finals that will take place at the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles from the 8th to the 10th of September.

The Spanish team, led by the Sevillian Manuel Pérez «PRZ», with David Blanco «DarkGhost00» from Madrid as jungler and the British Benedict Ward «MrKcool» as laner, started the competition as seed 1 and was the favourite team to win the tournament. However, they were defeated in the semi-finals of the winners bracket by the seed 4, Excel. Despite this, Team Queso achieved the impossible and after winning 7 consecutive games they managed to defeat on Wednesday Helldivers 2-1, Excel 2-0 (thus getting their revenge) and MagicCloud with an overwhelming 3-0 in a Best-of-five final.

The great performance of our Vainglory players made it possible for the first time ever to have a Spanish team representing Europe in a Vainglory Live Finals, although both PRZ and MrKcool already have experience in face-to-face European championships.  Now it’s their turn to face the NA Challengers Series champion, Echo Fox, that won the American tournament without breaking a sweat and without losing a single game during the three-week championship. It will be a complicated final but a good experience nonetheless, and a significant step forward for the national competitive scene within the eSports world.

But wait, there’s more! Super Evil Megacorp, the developer company of Vainglory, has recently announced the 16 teams that are part of its franchise program of which we have the pleasure of being part. We must now rise to this challenge so we can compete on equal footing with the other chosen organisations and do our bit to contribute to this game that we, like you, are passionate about. Thank you very much to Super Evil for trusting us!