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The club announces the release of the players from the main roster and pauses any competitive activity with the game

It is with grief that we announce the temporary decision to cease the competitive activity with Brawl Stars at Team Queso. The players are immediately released so they can look for new opportunities and the section remains with Kius as manager and Pedro as coach.

We want to thank the players Jos3k, Albert, Trash and Jimmy for their work and for their time in the club. We’d like to point out that Jos3k and Albert have been with us since the beginning of the Brawl Stars adventure. We wish them all luck.

Kius and Pedro maintain their link to the club and will offer their support to the Arena Quesito LATAM team, both in terms of management and coaching. They will also participate in the community projects of the club as well as content creation to bring you relevant Brawl Stars content. Last but not least, they will be keeping a sharp eye to the competitive scene to react quickly with a new roster if a great league or event would come up.

To all of you who have followed the team all this time, we truly appreciate your unconditional support and you know you can find us in social media, where there will still be relevant Brawl Stars content as well as from other games.

See you in the media!