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Team Queso PUBG Mobile places sixth in the PMCO championship

POSTED BY TeamQueso 01/12/2019

Once again, the team participated in the finals of the PMCO, the world’s biggest PUBG Mobile competition and ended up placing sixth, an improvement over the previous season.


Team Queso PUBG Mobile returned to the Championship of Tencent’s game after a fantastic performance in Latin America, where they were crowned champions and thus qualified directly for the finals of PMCO, and after a weekend asserting their dominance and placing second, they ended up falling to a sixth position that left them with a bittersweet taste in their mouths.


Axeel, Mystic, Marco and Ayala were the ones competing and the coaching staff accompanying them was made up of Tate, Dekc and Gabo. Three Argentinians, two Uruguayans, one Chilean and one Panamanian represented the entire Hispanic community and they deserve to be very proud of their work and performance.


Bigetron, the Indonesian team, was the one that emerged victorious after a flawless performance throughout the weekend. For two days Team Queso was the only team that threatened to take that first place from them, but in the end, they achieved victory with a wide advantage over the runner-up, Top Esports, and the third-place finisher, MEGA Esports.


We have no doubt that this is only the beginning and we will be competing again against the best teams in the world so we can finally claim the title of world champions.