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Team Queso proudly introduces our new Smite squad

POSTED BY TeamQueso 18/02/2019

Warchi will be leading the quintet of gods who make up the squad of Team Queso’s new division, who will also compete in the Smite Minor League.

Last January the club surprised their fans with a small advert in which they hinted at the expansion into Hi-Rez’s game. Now it’s official, Team Queso will compete in the Smite Minor League and the members of the squad have already been chosen.

The captain of the team will be Warchi, and with him will be WorstTurttle, Julio, Dracomarino and Chekii0. The squad comes from the team Papis, a very experienced clan that found its ideal five-player team after several changes and improvements over the years. Now they will fight for Team Queso in Smite’s arena.

Warchi is the most veteran of the squad and he is well known in the Smite scene. He has more than 170,000 subscribers on YouTube and regularly streams on Twitch, where he averages 600-700 simultaneous viewers, all with Smite content. He has been fighting for years to give the game more visibility and now he will be facing a new challenge.

Both he and his team-mates are ready to give their all: ‘We want to thank Team Queso for giving us the opportunity to participate in the SML and we are going to give our best to represent the club as it deserves and make it so that people can enjoy Smite’, says Warchi.






The club is seriously committed to this new project and everyone has high hopes for this game. Team Queso continues to grow and seek new horizons and bring new games to their community, either on PC and on mobile devices.


Alvaro845, founder of the club is thrilled: ‘For Team Queso, collaborating with Hi-Rez and Skillshot in this Minor League is a challenge. It is without a doubt an important step towards the expansion of our organization into platforms other than mobile devices, and the players of The Papis are the best roster that we could ever have imagined to have to compete at SMITE.’

Soon you will see the team compete in the Smite Minor League along with the other 7 teams from Europe and North America that have been invited: Sanguine Esports, Team CryptiK, Spacestation, Gold, Flash Point, Simplicity and OutCold Gaming.