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Team Queso proudly introduces our new Brawl Stars squad

POSTED BY TeamQueso 19/04/2019

Team Queso announces our official expansion into Supercell’s game and we already know who will be competing representing our team.


Team Queso announced a few things about Brawl Stars back in January, and since February, the team has been organising the Queso Cup, a tournament in which the best teams and Brawl Stars players of the moment are participating.


While Team Queso has not been represented as such in that tournament, the team has made some moves and now that the official competitions are about to be here, Team Queso has four brawlers ready for the arena. The team is ready to compete, and we have created our new official Brawl Stars division, whose manager is Kius.


The official squad of Team Queso is completely Spanish and is made up of GuilleVGX, J0s3K, iMuniiz and AlbertCG, all of them will be coached by Drakezz. Together they are possibly one of the most competitive teams on the scene and now that they are part of our family, they are in the perfect place.


He has been Top 1 Spain for more than 10 seasons, even reaching the Top 7 in the world. Although he still participates in some competitions, he is focusing more on coaching.


He has reached the Top 5 in the world and finished one season in the Top 1 position in Spain. He has participated in numerous Brawl Stars amateur leagues and qualified for the ESL Masters in the second qualifier.@J0s3K


Spain’s Top 1 for over 10 seasons, he also has been crowned as the world’s Top 1 player. In addition, he has face-to-face experience after reaching a TOP 3 at the Red Bull M.E.O. by ESL in Germany.@MuniizBS



Main culprit of his team mates not having reached more times the TOP 1 in the game’s ranking. He is often found among the Top 10 best players in the world and has finished more than 5 seasons as the Top 1 in the world. In the Spanish ranking, rare is the season that he is not crowned as the best national player, accumulating more than 30 seasons in his track record. @GuilleVGX



If you take a look at the national ranking you will see GuilleVGX in first place, but the second place will always be taken by Albert. In fact, in some seasons where GuilleVGX has been absent-minded, Albert has been crowned as TOP 1 of Spain. His best position is a Top 4 in the world but beware for he has the best record of trophies ever achieved by a Spaniard. @AlbertCG15

Mobile fanatics, Team Queso is still your home and you will be able to support us in all the rounds of the ESL Masters, which will start next Tuesday 23rd of April! Pay close attention to our social media if you want to know more about Brawl Stars and be up to date on the latest news: @TeamQuesoGG